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Physical Appointments: Be Prepared for Your Visit

We are transitioning to a new way of preparing our patients for their physical appointments. In an effort by the Practice to improve the overall process while still collecting pertinent information needed for a successful visit, we have made several adjustments.

1. Physical Forms will now be completed and collected by patients on the date of the Physical Appointment. We will no longer mail these forms out or ask that you send them in prior to your visit. Please arrive to your Physical Appointment early to allow yourself time to complete the form. We have updated this form to minimize redundancies and allow for more timely completion. 

  •  To print the Physical Health History Form from our website, please visit our Patient Forms page.

2. Lab Orders will be given to patients in office at check-out if they are being scheduled for a Physical Appointment whenever possible. If a patient has an upcoming Physical Appointment and has not received a lab order, we ask you to please contact the office at 585-924-2100 or by Patient Portal Message, and we can then:

  • Fax the Lab Order to the lab location of your choice
  • Send securely to your Patient Portal
  • Print the order for patient pick-up

Remember, a Lab order will be accepted at any lab location- regardless of the Lab Facility listed on the order!