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We will no longer be mailing forms and lab orders in most cases, please see directions below:

1. Complete labs about 2 weeks prior to your scheduled visit. Please inform us of your preferred lab facility so that we may fax an order. Patients may also pick up this lab slip, or print from their Patient Portal.

2. Patients also need to complete the Health History Form and bring this to their appointment. This form can be found on our website under Patient Information, Patient Forms, titled "Physical Form: Health History Questionnaire," or by clicking here.

If you are unable to complete the Health History Questionnaire this prior to the visit, arrive at least 25 minutes early and we will provide the form for you to fill out in office.

Please call us or send us a secure message through the Portal if you have not been given a lab order or made arrangements for us to send to the lab of choice. Lab orders will be fulfilled at any lab- regardless of the Lab Facility listed on the order!

We are transitioning to a new way of preparing our patients for their physical appointments. Instead of mailing out the forms or lab order needed, we are trying our best to provide these items at the time of scheduling, if the patient is in the office, or providing instructions to obtain our forms from the website and then sending the lab order to the lab of patient choice. We want to make sure that patients have are prepared for their Physical Appointments by completing the Health History Questionnaire and any bloodwork ordered, prior to the appointment date.

Physical Appointments: Be Prepared for Your Visit